Before diving to know who our most Subscribed YouTube Channels are in India, you should know a little deep about YouTube and what advantages you get after knowing the most subscribed YouTube channel.

So as you know, YouTube is the most popular online video-sharing platform that allows users to Watch your favorite video, upload the trending video, and share the viral video. YouTube was created in February 2005 after this platform was officially publicly in November 2005 and after being acquired by Google in 2006.

Advantages of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Now let’s discuss the advantages of knowing the most subscribed YouTube channel and what are the benefits of your self to grow in day-to-day life.

  • Subscribe to your interest-relevant YouTube channel. You will be up to date with which popular and trending content is available now, which will benefit you in updating yourself.
  • If you subscribe to the most popular YouTube channel, you will get the best quality content and very informative and usual content for yourself.
  • In YouTube, various categories wised popular channels are available, so you will get a wide range of topics and genres that will enhance your skill and productivity.
  • Additionally, most subscribed YouTube channel provides various cultural trends, discussion, and events that will benefit you by updating what’s happening worldwide.
  • If you follow Some of the most subscribed educational channels that offer different types of educational and informative content that will help in achieving your goals and help upgrade your level.
  • In YouTube, some entertainment channel provides entertaining and enjoyable content so you will feel free and relaxed and have fun and capture some enjoyable moments.
  • YouTube has one special algorithm that will recommend videos based on your past activity in the channel, so you do not need to hustle to find your categories-related videos.


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List of Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in India

1. T-Series

Channel Views:- 230.17B
Channel Subscriber:- 247M
Channel Videos:- 19K

T series most subscribed youtube channel


T-series is the top and most popular YouTube channel in India. T-Series is India’s largest Music Label & Movie Studio. This channel was founded in 2006 by gulshan Kumar. T-Series channel primarily focuses on music videos, film trailers, and film-related content. T-Series has been linked with the music category for the last three decades. These channels have massive followers; therefore, this channel achieved a historic milestone by becoming the top most subscribed YouTube channel in India. T-Series channel joined YouTube on March 13, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the T-Series channel.


2. SET India

Channel Views:- 149.90B
Channel Subscriber:- 160M
Channel Videos:- 116K

SET India


SET India is the most prominent Hindi general entertainment YouTube channel in India. SET stands for “Sony Entertainment Television”. This channel is focused on a wide spectrum of entertaining videos like drama shows, suspense videos, romance videos, comedy videos, and fiction and nonfiction shows. This channel is the leading channel for delivering the best Indian television Hindi entertainment videos. SET India channel joined YouTube on September 21, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the SET India channel.


3. Cocomelon

Channel Views:- 165.86B
Channel Subscriber:- 163M
Channel Videos:- 988



Cocomelon channel is known for providing the best Nursery Rhymes to preschool children. Additionally, this channel delivers animated 3D adventure videos like nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, and sing-along songs through catchy music, vibrant animation, and realistic character. additionally, this channel aims to help preschoolers children in learning the alphabet, animal noises, colors, and numbers, and also help their parents learn a life lesson through educational content. Cocomelon channel joined YouTube on September 2, 2006

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Cocomelon channel.


4. Zee Music Company

Channel Views:- 58.70B
Channel Subscriber:- 98M
Channel Videos:- 8.7K

zee music company


Zee Music Company channel is a complete mixture of Indian music and entertainment. This channel is known as the largest Hindi entertainment producer in the world. Zee Music Company channel has a strong presence in 171 countries and more than 1 billion viewers around the globe. Additionally, this channel has the world’s largest Hindi film library. This channel has an extensive collection of music videos, music songs, and music-related content. Zee Music Company channel joined YouTube on March 12, 2014.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Zee Music Company channel.


5. Goldmines

Channel Views:- 24.5B
Channel Subscriber:- 87.9M
Channel Videos:- 6.5K



Goldmines channel is the best South movies related to YouTube channel in India. This channel provided a wide range of Hindi dubbed south movies, including Telegu, Tamil, and Kannada languages. Additionally delivers Hindi dubbed South movie trailers, songs, comedy videos, and behind-the-scenes. This channel is most popular in South Indian areas and provides dedicated South videos in the Indian film industry. Goldmines channel joined YouTube on January 21, 2012.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Goldmines channel.


6. Sony SAB

Channel Views:- 102.22B
Channel Subscriber:- 84.2M
Channel Videos:- 72K

Sony SAB


Sony SAB This channel is also known as Sony SAB TV. and is most popular in Indian television. This channel has a very well online presence because these channels provide quality content, like delivering the best family entertainment and comedy shows, and most of the episodes are based on Reality. Therefore, all ages of audiences as this channel shows. Additionally, this channel offers a variety of entertaining videos that enhance our day-to-day thoughts. Sony SAB channel joined YouTube on August 4, 2007.
Here you can watch the most popular video on the Sony SAB channel.


7. Zee TV

Channel Views:- 74.96B
Channel Subscriber:- 71.3M
Channel Videos:- 131K

Zee TV most subscribed youtube channel


Zee TV is a pioneer of the television entertainment YouTube channel in India. Zee TV has one of India’s leading television networks. This channel provides diverse and engaging content to the audience across the country. And provides a diverse range of clips and highlights from popular tv shows and deliver preview and promos of upcoming tv shows. This channel also achieved the “Zee national achiever” Award in 2022. Zee TV channel joined YouTube on December 11, 2005.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Zee TV channel.


8. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Channel Views:- 46.27B
Channel Subscriber:- 66.4M
Channel Videos:- 646

chu chu TV Nursery


ChuChu TV channel is quickly grown to one of the most popular subscribed YouTube channels in India. This channel is focused on children’s enjoyment and early education. This channel provides vibrant and colorful style animated videos, nursery rhymes, kids’ songs and educational videos, including Cute characters, fun animations, and pleasant music. Additionally, this channel promotes cognitive skills, language development, and creativity level in young children. This channel launched and joined YouTube on February 9, 2013.

Here you can watch the most popular video on this channel.


9. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

Channel Views:- 28.90B
Channel Subscriber:- 65.9M
Channel Videos:- 8.5K



Shemaroo Filmi Gaane is the most Subscribed YouTube Channel in India for Hindi film music songs. This channel is known for providing the best and most popular Hindi film music videos, and the best thing is that it provides a wide range of heritage Indian Hindi music. The channel provides a treasure trove of classic and timeless tunes from Hindi cinema spanning decades. This channel joined YouTube on June 11, 2010.

Here you can watch the most popular video on this channel.


10. Colors TV

Channel Views:- 62.69B
Channel Subscriber:- 65.6M
Channel Videos:- 113K

colors TV


Colors TV channel is a popular channel on YouTube since last so many times. This channel provides very popular and hit television shows and shows related clips, behind the scene video, and celebrity character comedy videos. And very engaging and entertaining videos deliver through various promos and previews. Most the Indian
The audience prefers this channel for reality videos, and this channel won so many awards. Colours TV channel joined YouTube on June 13, 2008.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Colors TV channel.



Which channel is the most subscribed YouTube channel in India?

The most subscribed YouTube channel is T-Series, with over 247 million subscribers, and the most viewed YouTube channel in India.

Which YouTube channel is watched by all ages audiences?

Sony SAB and SET India these two are the most watched YouTube channels in India because all ages audiences watch these channel videos, and they are also the most liked channel in India.

Which YouTube channel is fastest growing in India?

Below five YouTube channels have the fastest growth rate in India. First T-Series, SET India, Zee Music Company, Zee TV, Colors TV. This YouTube channel has the fastest growth rate in since last few months.

Which YouTube channel provides the latest Hindi entertainment videos?

Zee Music Company channel provides the best collection of Hindi entertainment videos with more than 8000 videos.